High quality concrete restoration requires a complete repair strategy that begins with identifying causes of deterioration or failure. Bham Waterproofing will conduct a field survey and determine the correct repair method for each individual project.

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Facade Cleaning & Window Glazing

Many commercial windows are installed after manufacturing with a rubber gasket, also referred to as a dry seal. Over time, these gaskets shrink and deteriorate. We recommend applying wet glazing between the window and the frame.

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Sealants and Caulking

Bham Waterproofing uses an array of joint sealants. Our certified technicians have been trained to provide the proper sealant for each individual application. The ultimate performance of a joint sealant will be determined by proper substrate preparation and installation.

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As waterproofing experts we are constantly called to action by leading architects, general contractors, owners, and building consultants. Our scope of expertise meets challenging tasks including the repair and restoration of balconies and plaza decks.This can include concrete repair, railing removal/reinstallation or replacement, deck coatings, paver installation, planter waterproofing, and replacement of caulk and repair of adjacent brick, stucco or other exterior wall finishes.

Bham Waterproofing also applies various liquid and self-adhering sheet membrane systems and drainage systems designed to provide waterproofing protection for below-grade foundation walls, tunnels, and parking structures.

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The benefits of elastomeric coatings are not limited to roofs. Wall coatings formulated with this tough elastomeric material remain flexible but retain their tensile strength to protect over a wide range of temperatures.

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Stone and tile repair requires intense as well as precise substrate preparation. Bham Waterproofing will delicately damaged tile or stone without damaging like materials. Prepare substrate and install new tile clean and precise. With the ever-rising traffic of delivery trucks coming to your commercial properties the need for EIFS repair is a constant. Bham Waterproofing will repair the damaged substrate all the way to the finish coat.

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Since 1993

Our Goal

Our Goal is to expand, improve and ultimately perfect the art of building restoration. Starting in 1997, Kelly Olcott established a reputation for the willingness and determination to go the extra mile to exceed the expectations of his customers with his first business venture; Restoration Services in Atlanta, Georgia.

Olcott started Bham Waterproofing after realizing a need for solid, consistent and quality work. As Bham Waterproofing continues to expand and enhance the service base, be assured that the quality of resources and the performance of his staff is consistent and outstanding.

Bham Waterproofing believes that it is their responsibility to treat your property as is it were its own. Our goal is to determine and propose solutions to problems before they become expensive, serious and in some cases, dangerous.


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